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Главная » 2009 » Август » 25 » Health of the right defender has sharply worsened or «order-somsa» is carried out successfully
Health of the right defender has sharply worsened or «order-somsa» is carried out successfully

There would be a person, and article will be…

As it is known 17th juily 2009 in Office of Public Prosecutor of Junus-Abad area, (where right defender Muhtarov Farhodhon for giving the claim on employees of Regional Management of Internal Affairs and also on declarant Sadykbekova Shaira has come) on the initiative of Office of Public Prosecutor has been illegally arrested by employees of criminal investigation department of Junus-Abad RMIA.

The applicant-1

The statement of Sadykbekova Shaira is unfounded as in case is absent receipts and witnesses. The given statement should be considered in a civil order, and the Office of Public Prosecutor of Junus-Abad area should was agrees the law to inform her and to advise to address to civil court, however Office of Public Prosecutor has brought an action, without having on it crime structure. After acquaintance with the claim of Sadykbekova Shaira, Nazarov's lawyer has declared: - «the Statement is made very competently, Sadykbekova could not write it without help of law-enforcement structures».

The applicant-2

The statement of Karimova Masuda should be considered, also in a civil order, but by «council» has written the claim on Muhtarov Farhodhon about what she very much regrets. On a question of wife of Muhtarov Farhodhon, who these people? Karimova Masuda has answered: - «cannot name these people and I can not take away the given claim, I regret that have listened to them».

The applicant-3

Applicant Eshanov Anvar, also should address to civil court but as for a reference to the court he should pay the state duty at a rate of 2 million sum (approximately 1300 US dollars) in favor of the state. But what for Eshanov Anvar should pay the state duty when he can with help of his «acquaintances» working in Regional Management of Internal Affairs of Sabir-Rahimov area to solve all problems, what he has tried to make on June, 8th, 2009 when psychological pressure was puting upon Muhtarov F. for 7 hours. After intervention of right defenders he was released, and it was offered to Eshanov Anvar to address to civil court. But communications in Junus-Abad RMIA have appeared more «more better» where have accepted the claim, «having spat» on legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Eshanov Anvar already regrets for the act, and would like to continue the bargain. But the car is started it simply will not stop.

Now there is a psychological pressure upon family of Muhtarov Farhodhon. Unknown people are coming to neighbors and ask strange questions: - whether «Believing Muhtarov Farhodhon onto God, whether goes he to a mosque, whether reads a Mohammedan prayer etc., etc.». Interestingly for what purposes this information is necessary??? We can assume, here is a processing of neighbors, for a fabrication of new criminal case in extremism???

At present health of right defender Muhtarov Farhodhon has sharply worsened, probably, to him tortures are applied. In his letter Muhtarov Farhodhon asked anaesthetizing medicines, also in the letter the right defender asks to refuse the lawyer and to employ other lawyer (the European nationality). For one and a half month for Muhtarov Farhodhon 4th lawyer will be already employed. On the given case lawyers begin work well, but after a meeting with the inspector, lawyers start to stay idle. On legal consultations to Muhtarovs wife all lawyers set two questions: - «your husband to whom has passed road? Or what is his occupation?». This case does not concern a criminal offence it is someone's order …

From August, 18th, till September, 5th, 2009 right defender Muhtarov Farhodhon is in full isolation because of nearest holidays in Uzbekistan.

On September, 7th Muhtarov Farhodhon will be 41 year old an he will celebrate it in preason.
Right defenders protect the rights of citizens and who will protect the rights of right defenders which remains very little in Uzbekistan and the majority are in prison.

To be continued…

Right defenders - Dovlatova Tatyana, Brosalina Lyudmila and Sarapulov Oleg.

On August, 25th, 2009,

Uzbekistan, Tashkent.
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