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My house! My fortress?...

My house! My fortress?...

"You  will not be asked and will not be considered your opinion"


In  the end of July, 2009 carrying out monitoring on a pulling down  inhabited premise on streets Bahodir and Burjuar settlement,right  defenders Dovlatova Tatyana, Brosalina Lyudmila, Sarapulov Oleg at conversation with tenants, whose houses are subject to a pulling down, have elicited  the fact of infringements of the rights of a private property.


Right  defenders were connected ещ the given problem of the tenants who have given  out on their name the power of attorney, for protection of the broken rights.


On  August, 7th, 2009 legal experts with tenants of many-storeyed houses went  to Ossociation of Private Property of Tenant (OPPT) roperty "Avloni  Comunalchi",  for finding-out of fate of tenants of houses - 18, 22, 24, 26 and what real work have  been done by spent chairman OPPT Garifulina  M to protection of members of it OPPT (tenants). But the  representative of a staff having learnt, that is going dialogue in OPPT, "has caught a shock" and has come  tearing along to the aid of chairman OPPT, (OPPT also is a  member of a staff) where has declared "what for you lead  discussion here when it is possible to have conversation in a staff with its full complement".

In  the staff all management at the head of the general director of the  company "HE Development Korea" mister Shin Jongmun already  were wating for us .  In a staff have led itself not correctly, legal experts were invited to a round table, and tenants were asked "to close a door from an underside". After the ultimatum of right  defenders "that the conversation will be only with tenants, we represent whose interests, from which secrets we have not" tenants also were invited to a round table. The conversation passed in heated conditions as at  tenants for some years the set of questions and claims has  collected. To questions and claims, from a staff we have not received distinct  answers, but problems of tenants were not interesting to a staff, they  were more interested in the person of right  defenders,  instead of a problem which the staff itself has created.

At  accurate questions on a pulling down it agree the law, workers of a  staff together could not answerat  no one concrete question, and put pressure with intimidation. The situation was heated till such moment, that the problem on a habitation  pulling down has passed into political channel. The representative of  hokimiat and the chief of staff Odil (former employee of Service  of National Safety)  have declared: - "you provokers, swindlers, in a holiday  threshold have decided to arrange putsch to break a holiday, it is  not necessary to carry out propaganda actions".


The  general director mister Shin Jongmun has  declared, that he welcomes work of right  defeders dealing with the given problem. The company which he represents in Uzbekistan, works according to the Republic Uzbekistan  legislation and if in work they have broken the law the company will rectify the given mitake.  We wish to be on friendly terms with the people of Uzbekistan…


But  the friendship has appeared only in words. Next day the wall of a  staff and a fence of Burjuar settlement were decorated by menacing posters: - "Attention the  input is strictly forbidden for strangers".


On  August, 27th, 2009 Tairov  Abad the owner of the house-20 along the street Bahadir has been invited to the staff for conversation. Right  defenders also have come to a staff, according to the power of attorney given out  to them. The  conversation passed in heated conditions as  befor.  The representative Of  hokimiat has some times asked a question to the Lawyer of the company: - "what for you talk with them?Have you checked up their documents and powers of attorney?".


Also the representative of  hokimiat put pressure on Tairov  Abad:  "you the literate person, what for you have contacted with provokers, you know, that they impostors, and also illiterate  people", on what Tairov  A has answered: "In difference from you I trust them as they know laws,  if they illiterate and impostors why you are nervous and are shouting?". The Lawyer of the company has interfered: "you calm down, to  your house it is still long  time, as time will come, we will ca ll you, we will consider your opinion and we will conclude the  contract".


The  representative of  hokimiat and the chief of a staff, also as well as in previous time have  accused right  defenders,  of provocative activity, propaganda on the threshold of a holiday, to what Dovlatova Т. has  told :  "hang up the poster in what days to you it is possible to come whatever not be accused of provocation".


Before  intervention of legal experts into a problem, a pulling down of apartment houses, work in a staff went  easy by a principle not "beat lying" 5 days in a week.


Now  they work 7 days in a week till late night, the pulling down of apartment houses is "feeding" for unscrpulous officials  who have the benefit in this business, and the interventionof  right defenders and the requirement of publicity of all documentation have disturbed  "wasp's  nest".

Right defenders of the press centre of the Alliance - Dovlatova Tatyana, Brosalina Lyudmila, Sarapulov Oleg.


On  August, 29th, 2009.

Uzbekistan, Tashkent.
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