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To the special reporter of the United Nations about position of right protectors

CC: Representations of the international organizations in Tashkent and abroad - HRW, FRONT LINE, CIVICUS, Amnesty International, OSCE, FIDH, OMCT, Embassies, МККК, to Ombudsman of the Republic Uzbekistan.  


The dear international organizations!

We wish to inform you that right defender Muhtarov Farhodhon, who at present contains in a time insulator of Tashkent preason on July, 17th, 2009 has been arrested. This arrest was illegal, completely custom-made - fabricated.

Right defender Muhtarov Farhodhon feels himself very badly. His health has sharply worsened, he is exhausted, and also we assume to him are applying tortures as he has asked in the letter analgesics.
We ask you to interfere into fate of right defender Muhtarov Farhodhon. Who needs the medical - the psychological help and needs protection of the international community, and also to check case of Muhtarov Farhodhon which should be investigated according to laws of Republic Uzbekistan and the international pacts.

We are extremely anxious about condition of the right defender that fact that from August, 18th, till September, 5th Muhtarov Farhodhon will be in full isolation and in this time it is not known what can be happen with him. We ask the Red Cross and the Ombudsman to assist and visit right defender Muhtarov Farhodhon because of his health and isolation.

Right defenders - Dovlatova Tatyana, Brosalina Lyudmila and Sarapulov Oleg.

On August, 25th, 2009,

Uzbekistan, Tashkent.
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