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Главная » 2009 » Август » 11 » To rescue the legal expert Farhod Muhtarov
To rescue the legal expert Farhod Muhtarov

The staff on rescue of legal expert Farhodhon  Muhtarov continues the activity on rescue and releasing of the colleague

Earlier we informed that the staff on rescue of arrested legal expert Farhodhon  Muhtarov on July, 20th, 2009 has been created.

The second week of arrest of legal expert Farhodhon Muhtarov has gone. The created staff on rescue of the legal expert works round the clock. Daily legal experts of a staff make campaigns to Regional Management of Internal Matters , Offices of Public Prosecutor and other law enforcement bodies, collect documents and certificates about not guilty of the client, assist the near. All efforts for rescue of the colleague and the friend.

 In particular was the lawyer of the client is replaced. Lawyer Manzura Nazarov earlier working with it has started to operate passively; most likely, on it consequences have started to spend pressure from outside.

«I wished to meet the husband as, despite that he is in custody the fifth day, but from him there are no information. First of all I was excited with his state of health». With tears on her face began to tell Suraye Muhtarova, wife of Farhodhon, - «Has addressed to inspector Boymatov, he  has told me -« Muhtarov is transferred to Tashkent prison, there is now declared 3 days  quarantine. You would better find money  faster  and  cease to address to legal experts, it to be reflected only negatively in case of your husband ». Then I have addressed to lawyer Manzura  Nazarova, she has told that if in Tashkent prison is declared quarantine we can make nothing , it is necessary to wait. Why they do not allow me to meet my husband, why the inspector all time deceives me, he told that Farhod  In Town Management of Internal Matters and now here I know that he is in Tashkent  prison.

 Naturally, the staff this message have accepted properly. Skilled legal experts not once faced such false policy of inspectors of a different rank. The inspector hides something, and the lawyer has started to accompany the inspector. Most likely, the lawyer too has undergone to pressure. According the law the lawyer after warrant reception, at desire to meet the client, has the right to meet him, despite what or quarantines. Tatyana Dovlatova, Oleg Sarapulov have began searches of other lawyer, other lawyer has soon been found.

«We consider that, inspector Boymatov drag out appointment with Farhod Muhtarov. Or Farhod Muhtarov has been beaten during inquiry therefore the inspector tries to hide it from «alien» eyes or thus the inspector tries to suppress morally  Muhtarov  and his relatives. »- with excitement began her  story legal expert  Tatyana Dovlatova, -« Probably, lawyer Manzura Nazarova  has undergone to pressure. After certification of the lawyers, many defenders began to be afraid of confrontation with law enforcement bodies. And  would like to notice that Muhtarov  were held by three days in Regional Management of Internal Matters, as far as we know, in Regional Management of Internal Matters do not feed arrested persons. There are three days Muhtarov starved, we consider that it - one of forms of carrying out of tortures against arrested persons to receive the necessary information  for a consequence. Therefore we have written  the complaint in Office of Public Prosecutor to make tap of inspector Boymatov  Tuhtasin from this case ».

The new lawyer after reception the warrant first of all has met the client, besides his wife and legal experts could see Farhodhon  Muhtarov as well. They were in Regional Management of Internal Matters  and have come to  support  the colleague when it have brought for  interrogation. As legal experts managed to find some proofs about innocence of Muhtarov in that or in other  episode of charge. One of episodes has disappeared automatically. The episode of reception from Shaira Sadykbekova of five millions sum as bribe, for matter that pulls for five thousand sum, raises only a smile, and Sadykbekova all time avoids  meeting with Muhtarov. The episode with Anvar Eshonov remains disputable. There is information  that Farhod Muhtarov has prepared documents for transaction continuation about the purchase and sale with Anvar Eshonov and had no desire to appropriate received as voice means.

«It is possible to consider Anvar Eshonov as the swindler in the same way. After he could not register in apartment in which to him has been sold, he wished to register there his relative, but drop in prices on apartments, have changed his plans and he has started to search for other ways. Having learnt that Muhtarov is the legal expert and considering that, for each independent legal expert is available the« reckon »with law enforcement bodies, he has addressed to  law enforcement bodies where has found«understanding »from their party.» - so has commented on this episode one of the lawyers, earlier working as the police officer and retired in a rank of the colonel. 

By the way, under the unchecked data, he is ready to place the remained money for apartment purchase, having been frightened of that   Muhtarov already has spent all money which has received on the voice  and if him will accuse it this money will return to  Eshonov on scraps  in a current of several years. 

On July, 25th legal experts Tatyana Dovlatova, Oleg Sarapulov have begun with a campaign To Regional Management of Internal Matters of Unus Abad  where they have met the chief of Regional Management of Internal Matters  Mirzaev.

«We asked to change a preventive punishment for Farhodhon  Muhtarov, according  the law Muhtarov has the right to be free till  judgment. The chief of Regional Management of Internal Matters Mirzaev  started shirking, putting an argument that he has not the right to interfere with work of the inspector. And inspector Boymatov tries to avoid our visits. And even decision about arrest of Muhtarov they cannot present, referring to the lawyer.  Without having received from chief of Regional Management of Internal Matters  anything acceptable, we have decided to go to regional Office of Public Prosecutor »- Tatyana Dovlatova has told

«We have come to Office of Public Prosecutor to demand tap of inspector Boymatov as we consider his behaviour as self- interested, in given consequence. Earlier being in Regional Management of Internal Matters, we have noticed, how inspector Boymatov  familiarly talks to applicants. During a lunch break, we have noticed that  the inspector had dinner separately, but for him applicants paid off. As for ordered meal, to applicants have brought rather a great sum which they have paid. We sitting next were witnesses of this scene» - Oleg Sarapulov has continued.

- Our arrival to Office of Public Prosecutor remains noticed, 6 motor vehicles have approached the Office of Public Prosecutor with law enforcement officers and one specialized «damas», it probably intended for us as except the driver in it there was nobody »- Tatyana Dovlatova  has finished our conversation.

This time incident with detention is not has reached, legal experts have passed to Office of Public Prosecutor where  was a public prosecutor on duty. Politely having learnt in what occasion legal experts have come, the public prosecutor has asked that Muhtarovs wife to bring the statement for it. But when Suraye Muhtarova has come with the statement to Office of Public Prosecutor, this public prosecutor was not there.

The staff on rescue does not wish to stop and bring matter of  Muhtarov  to the logic end - of his releasing from under guards and the full justification.

Bahadir Namazov, the independent journalist - the legal expert

Oleg Sarapulov's photo

The August, 26th, 2009
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